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Pizza Topped Sweet Potatoes

I love Thursday suppers. Thursday’s are for “meatless” suppers. If I have leftover meat, it may get thrown into or onto our food, but I don’t cook meat for the meal. Tonight, I had a thought, and a quick Google … Continue reading

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Homemade Catalina French Dressing: Recipe

When I wrote about how to stretch out the meat in Taco Salad, I mentioned my homemade dressing. I found this recipe in a 1961 cookbook under the title “Janet Spencer’s Oil Dressing.” A quick glance at the ingredients made … Continue reading

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Zucchini Lasagna (No Pasta!)

Whether you are looking for a way to add more vegetables to your lasagna or you are trying to avoid wheat or gluten,  Zucchini Lasagna is a delicious solution.

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Veggie Burgers, Anyone?

On one of our visits to Michigan, Danny’s parents served us veggie burgers. I seriously always thought of veggie burgers as… well, nasty food. This was based on what I’d read and heard, not on experience. These burgers were oh-so-good … Continue reading

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Making Chinese Dumplings

The wife of my church’s missionary to China taught my mom, sister, aunt, and me how to make dumplings yesterday. She made Danny, Bella, and me dumplings after I had Declan. They are delicious! She very kindly offered to teach … Continue reading

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Seasoned Steak Fries

One of my favorite meals(notice I said one. I have many favorites.) is steak fries with cheese and salad. But it takes so long to cut the fries. And they’re never perfectly even, so they don’t all finish baking at … Continue reading

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