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The raw milk Rawesome Foods raid

I am loving my fresh raw milk and I believe everyone should have the right to drink raw milk if they believe it’s healthier than the overly processed liquid sold in stores.

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Cloth Baby Wipes/ Antibacterial Wipes Formula

My cloth baby wipes (and the wipes I use to wash Bonney’s udder, too!) are both soaked in the same water mixture. I did a lot of research into what I should wet my baby wipes with. For a long … Continue reading

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The Raw Milk Controversy

My family drinks raw milk. We have a family goat, Bonney, who gives us a daily supply of fresh, sweet, healthy milk. I firmly believe raw milk is the best milk. But according to the FDA, “Milk and milk products provide … Continue reading

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That Sweet, Sweet Grain

My newest dairy goats, Hattie and Jeepers, need a little incentive to come to me. The solution is sweet grain: a delicious combination of corn, oats, barley, and alfalfa pellets lightly tossed with molasses. It’s made just for my goats by … Continue reading

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