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Washing Dishes Conservatively

I had a revelation on Tuesday: I was wasting water when washing dishes. Though, I suppose it wasn’t as much wasting water as using excess electricity to wash my dishes. Water can be neither created nor destroyed. (Remember learning your … Continue reading

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Homemade Laundry Detergent

After two years of buying the expensive but non-chemically detergent, I had had enough. I was tired of spending WAY too much money to clean our clothes. So I scoured the internet until I found ingredients for homemade detergent that … Continue reading

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Cloth Baby Wipes/ Antibacterial Wipes Formula

My cloth baby wipes (and the wipes I use to wash Bonney’s udder, too!) are both soaked in the same water mixture. I did a lot of research into what I should wet my baby wipes with. For a long … Continue reading

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