Goops and How to Be Them: Teaching Manners

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Do you know  Project Gutenberg? Project Gutenberg is an online library of digital books that have been published and are now digitized by volunteers. This library contains true treasures, such as Pilgrim’s Progress, Treasure Island, and the Burgess Animal Book. I get much of our literature there; it saves us a lot of money! 

While searching for a book on manners, I found these absolutely wonderful books written by Gelett Burgess. There are three books on Project Gutenberg: The Goop Directory of Juvenile Offender Famous for their Misdeed and Serving as a Salutary Example for all Virtuous Children, Goops and How to Be Them, and More Goops and How Not to Be Them: A Manual of Manners for Impolite Infants. If the titles alone don’t make you smile, the introduction will:

Goop Intro

Imagine Credit: Project Gutenberg

These Goops are constantly naughty: kissing windows, saying “ain’t,” playing in the mud when mother said to not, and wiping their noses on their sleeves! Each manner is taught with a short poem that is written in older English, but still easily understood by my three young children. 

Goop Exaggeration

Image Credit: Project Gutenberg

Are you a Goop? Do you need to teach your children to NOT be Goops? Do you know a Goop? If you answered yes or no, try these books! You might just love them and laugh at them as much as we do.

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