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Potato (or Broccoli) Cheese Soup

My recipe for Potato Soup can also be used to make Broccoli Soup. It comes from my Mom and is the BEST recipe I’ve ever had, and I will never, never, ever, ever switch to another. 

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Goops and How to Be Them: Teaching Manners

Do you know  Project Gutenberg? Project Gutenberg is an online library of digital books that have been published and are now digitized by volunteers. This library contains true treasures, such as Pilgrim’s Progress, Treasure Island, and the Burgess Animal Book. … Continue reading

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Nature Study: Ocean Salinity and Water Density

Water is a superb solvent; 3.5% of the volume of our oceans are minerals such as salt. We discussed how these minerals can travel from the tops of the mountains and through the rivers to ocean. (Remember our water shed demonstration?) … Continue reading

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Wagon Loads of Hay

Declan follows me outside nearly every day to help with the animals. He especially enjoys using his wagon to carry hay or water to Renoir (Pierre AuGOAT Renoir).   It’s not an easy trip, but he has made it twice … Continue reading

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Learning to Ride a Bike

Declan has graduated from training wheels and trikes to a “big kid” bike. He pedals down the driveway…

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Mud-licious and Puddle-wonderful

She came in with a wide open mouth and a tongue covered in mud.  She wasn’t crying, but smiling.

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Enjoying Folk Songs

Every morning, we listen to the songs that we are learning. Declan’s favorite song is always a folk song. I hear songs like “The Keeper Did A’Hunting Go,” “Billy Boy,” and “Barbara Allen“ over and over throughout the day. Folk songs are … Continue reading

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The First Tooth Fairy Visit

  Bella lost her first tooth Sunday evening… with Danny’s help. It had been loose for a very long time. She talked all day, every day about having him pull it after supper; however, after supper, she would promptly vanish … Continue reading

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