Squeaking and Creaking

Creaky Bed Pic

Imagine: the baby is finally asleep. Mommy is attempting to ever so quietly slip back into bed with heavy eyes and weary limbs while repeating, “Please stay asleep. Please stay asleep. Please stay asleep…”

She inches the covers back then begins sliding down into the oh-so-comfy bed in slow motion. Suddenly, the bed groans out a long, loud screeeeeech with all the finesse of fingernails on a chalkboard. The baby jerks awake and being crying.

Have you seen this video? This is how I felt, trying to avoid making the awful racket when crawling back into bed.

This is the very problem that I have been dealing with for the past 7+ months. I thought it was the mattress, so I flipped it. Didn’t fix the problem. Decided to rotate the mattress, and discovered that it was the box spring during the rotating.

What’s a person to do?!

Google,that’s what.

This horrid sound comes from a problem that has a solution: remove the cardboard that is rubbing against the wood frame of the box spring. This is a SUPER simple and fast fix!

  1. Cut and remove the fabric and foam from the top of the box spring.

image2. Remove the cardboard from the wood frame.

Here, I saw the assumed source of the squeak: the staples fastening the cardboard to the wood had gone through the cardboard.

3. Replace mattress and jump on the bed like a little kid while giggling about the lack of squeaking, creaking, screeching, and every other horrid noise the box spring used to make. Your children will enjoy this part; do it in front of them!

The entire project took me about 20 minutes, start to finish. That was well worth the good night’s sleep that I (and the baby!) now enjoy. Does your bed wake the dead at night? Do you think it may be the box spring? Try this and let me know how it works! 

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