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Watershed Demonstration

We are currently studying bodies of water in our nature study. To begin the study, I asked my children the question, “Where do creeks, rivers, lakes, and ponds come from?” Bella had a decent grasp of this idea, as we … Continue reading

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Spoonfuls of Sugar

In the time it took for me to walk upstairs, change Nikolai’s diaper, and come back down, Charlie went from normal morning grouches to over-the-top craziness. While fixing breakfast, I discovered the source of her attitude change. That white bowl … Continue reading

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Handling a Large Curriculum

I absolutely adore the Charlotte Mason style teaching and learning. The stories grab me and take me on adventures right along with my children! Sometimes, though, I forget what we’re learning.  When there are 11 books to read (all with … Continue reading

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Squeaking and Creaking

Imagine: the baby is finally asleep. Mommy is attempting to ever so quietly slip back into bed with heavy eyes and weary limbs while repeating, “Please stay asleep. Please stay asleep. Please stay asleep…”

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Nature Study

  One of the most enjoyable parts of our schooling is nature study. So often, our study is spur of the moment. A salamander is found, and questions are asked: what does it eat, where does it live, how does … Continue reading

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