Leaf Rubbings: Going Beyond the Plain Paper

Leaf rubbings are one of the best and easiest nature activities. Gathering the leaves expels energy and encourages discrimination. (Is this leaf sturdy enough? What other sizes and types can be found? Does the color of the leaf make a difference in the rubbing?) Preparing crayons for the rubbings fulfills the ever-present desire to tear all of the paper off of the crayons. Making the impression takes fine motor skills and an artistic flare.

The project:

1.Print this coloring page:

Credit: Hub Pages

I also think a squirrel, acorn, or pumpkin would make a great coloring page for leaf rubbings!

2. Tape the leaves to the table.


3. Tape the paper on top of the leaves.


4. Rub with crayons.

Could it be any easier?!

For extra fun, don’t tell your children why they need leaves. Send them out on a sunny day with bags or boxes, then save the leaves until a cold, rainy day. Instant mood lifter! 


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