Children’s Closet: Tips for Leaving the House on Time


With four small children, making it out the door with everyone fully clothed, clean, and on time is not fun or easy.

The night before we plan on going out, Bella or I choose the clothes for everyone. (Bella enjoys this job; she volunteers to get coordinated outfits for them.) We include socks, shoes, and extra underwear; even ties, hats, and hair bows are gathered. The older three children’s clothes are hung on hooks, one per child, and Nikolai’s is kept in the Master Bedroom. I always have an extra set of clothing chosen for any children under age 3 and for myself. When that accidental mess happens five minutes before we walk out the door, we’re ready!
When a child is given clothes that are too large or outgrows clothing that he has, it goes into the corner basket. When the basket is full, I take it to the attic and put the items in their place based on boy/girl and size. This is when I pull out larger clothes if needed.

The last tip is so simple: all of the pajamas go in the same place. I was sorely behind on clothes folding when I took this picture, but the pajamas go in the pinkish purple basket. Declan’s go on one side, Bella’s on the other, and Charlie’s go in the hanging wire basket. This makes bedtime a breeze!

These are hardly fix-all-problems tips, but they have been great time savers for me! How do you make getting ready easier? What do you use for outgrown clothes?

About Bethany

I'm a wife of nearly 8 years to partner in blogging and crime, Danny. We have four children: Bella, age 6, Declan, age 4, Charlotte, age 2, and Nikolai, age 4 months. I enjoy mothering, homemaking, crafting, and homeschooling and am in a nearly constant state of activity trying to keep up with all my little ones.
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3 Responses to Children’s Closet: Tips for Leaving the House on Time

  1. Lisa Knight says:

    Good tips, Bethany. 🙂
    Now that our children are older, they are responsible for getting out the door on time. Ahhh…what a load off my shoulders. 🙂 But when they were younger, I laid everything out the night before. It saved so much time.
    As for what to do with outgrown clothes, I give the girl’s clothes to Nicole and the boys’ clothes go to the thrift store. 🙂

  2. Lucia says:

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