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Some days are crazy. On Monday, I wage war with the laundry. (Who am I kidding? Sometimes this war lasts all week!) We get only our school basics done, and the children have a lot of free play and exploration time. With three happy little children off playing (arguing, bossing, getting dirty, etc), I have time to learn. My Monday Learning happens though podcasts.


Have you discovered podcasts? They’re bundles of fun and education for active times in my day. I listen during hanging laundry on the line, washing dishes, folding clothes, knitting… any time my children are otherwise occupied, I take a few minutes to learn through listening. My current favorite podcast is 101 Homeschool Ideas. The episode that hit home this morning was Episode 58: Stressed by Standards.  In a earlier post, I mentioned that our home education is what works for me and my familybut sometimes I  get stressed.

I stress about the fact that our children are not learning the same things at the same time as I did in a traditional private school. Bella does not enjoy reading; she is just now learning. However, she loves mathematics and is teaching herself multiplication and division. She is learning a lot of history, science, Bible, and life skills that she will need to be a wife and mother. I decided that I would not push her to read when she would rather learn other (equally important) skills. This is where our unschooling philosophy came in. But I struggle with this. I do not like seeing my nearly 7-year-old not enjoying the books I did at her age. I was an avid reader; the library was my best friend. I want for my children all that I had and more.

Enter the podcast episode that I had queued today. Brian Ricks is the host of 101 Homeschool Ideas. He is an eloquent, well-educated man who constantly inspires me to do more and be more. He quieted my fears of having under-educated children in one sentence:

“If what I’m doing is teaching my children to love learning, if I have missed something, their ability to learn is going to help them overcome any hole or any gap that they’ve had in their education.”

My children love learning. They ask questions, I do my best to answer. We study, explore, observe, and learn together, for I am learning about life all over again through their eyes.

If you have the same struggles I do, listen to this episode. It will help you to enjoy those unschooling moments with your children with a more relaxed attitude.

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I'm a wife of nearly 8 years to partner in blogging and crime, Danny. We have four children: Bella, age 6, Declan, age 4, Charlotte, age 2, and Nikolai, age 4 months. I enjoy mothering, homemaking, crafting, and homeschooling and am in a nearly constant state of activity trying to keep up with all my little ones.
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