Living Room Lego Storage

Lego bricks are messy. It is impossible for our 7, 4, and 2 year olds to not dump every. single. one. on the floor to make their creation that takes only 20 or so bricks. If those Legos were in their play room on a day like this…


…well, I think the Legos would be going away from a long, long time. Fortunately for these Lego-loving children, I found a solution that works for us: Legos can only be used in the living room. They are not the classiest of toys; I did NOT want them displayed in clear containers. I try to keep our living room somewhat tidy and nice; it’s my “ahhhh” spot when I feel crazy. The toys that stay in the room have been careful chosen by me to maintain a relaxed feel even when being actively used.
wpid-wp-1446473974040With the nasty plastic look in mind, I didn’t spend money on the crazy Lego organizers. In fact, I didn’t spend any money at all- I re-purposed something already in my living room.


These suitcases have been decorating the house for around four years. They had been my excess decoration storage, but this is much more practical!


Two suitcases contain our Lego Duplos and one our “big kid” Legos, Lego letter cards, and current Lego magazines.


When play time happens, the top two are placed on the floor and the bottom is left in place. Everyone can reach what is needed, and clean up is simple enough for Charlie to do it.

How do you organize your children’s Lego bricks? What rules do you have about Lego play time?

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