Lego Bricks and Painter’s Tape

It has been chilly and raining since yesterday morning and I have three stir-crazy kiddos! Thankfully, I had a nearly full roll of painter’s tape.

This stuff is magical. It sticks while you need it to, but comes up cleanly and easily when you are finished with it. And it comes in more than blue; there are many colors now. Go buy some for your children and grand children. They will thank you for it.

paint tape

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What does it have to do with Legos, you ask? Only this: (and note the dreariness of the house with the outdoor blah.)


I took five minutes to make a “city” for the kids to play with.


The city needed matchbox car sized roads and areas for buildings.

image(Photo Cred: Bella)

The kids took care of the rest.


(Photo Cred: Bella. because it’s just so hard to stand still when taking a picture of something exciting!)

Bye-bye, rainy day blues. You are not welcome in our Lego Paint Tape City.

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