A year later…

It’s been almost a year since I last posted.  In the past year we sold the rabbits, traded the goats for more chickens, moved to a new house, and picked up a part time job.  The biggest change came with the addition of our third child.  Between two jobs, three kids, and all the chaos that we call life we’re swamped, exhausted, and usually having a blast!

Our chickens went through a several month long dry spell of zero eggs, we think in part to do with a rat problem and maybe in part to the feed we were using.  They’re now back on the ball averaging 12 eggs a day from around 18 hens.  Some of the hens are a little old so we’re pretty happy with our numbers.

We’re expecting Buff Orpington chicks and Muscovy and White Pekin ducks in the middle of May.  That just happens to be the last frost date so we’ll be busy in the garden then, too.  I didn’t plan that very well…

Another project that I’m excited about is raising Coturnix quail.  I’m working on cage design now and will hopefully be buying some breeders within a month.

Today wrapped up a hydroponic fodder experiment in which I tested growing fodder in the house.  With Spring finally getting into gear I’ll have plenty of pasture for the handful of birds I plan to raise this year but the fodder will hopefully cut my grain dependence and also my feed bill this coming winter.

I won’t jinx myself with a prediction of when my next post will be or what topic it will cover.  Hopefully I’ll get it done before next Spring.

On an interesting side note, my posts on the failed chicken plucker generate as much traffic as everything else on the blog combined.  I guess I’ll have to fix rebuild the contraption and try to get it working right this year.

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