Reducing the Herd

Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep for the third time, I realized that I never announced the changes to our goat herd.

Bonney and Carob were taken to a new home in February. Bonney’s milk production was never as great as I wanted, and Jeepers has been on the milk stand. As in I-never-have-to-put-her-in-a-sling-or-hobble-her-or-fight-with-her-or-throw-out-milk-because-she-stepped-in-it excellent. Seriously. Who would have thought that my half-wild goat who never wants to be touched would jump right onto the milk stand for me? She’s wonderful! Also, Jeepers is giving me twice the milk that Bonney was. On a good day, I would milk 2-4 pints from Bonney TOTAL (two milkings). Jeepers will give me that and more from one milking!

Of course, I am still “sharing” the milk with Jeepers’ kids (Hansel and Gretel). I don’t milk her all of the way out since they need it, too. But once they are old enough to be weaned… I’m hungry for cheese and yogurt! Bonney and Carob went to a home with a lot of land. I’m sure Bonney is enjoying life without Jeepers; they never did get along.

Hattie… Hattie needs to go. She apparently cannot be bred. We thought we bred her in September, but had to try re-breeding in October. Long story short, she was due to kid almost a month ago if the first breeding worked and due any day now if the second did… but no babies. She seriously isn’t bred. She’s slim and fit. So, if anyone is interested in a goat for a pet or for meat (If we can’t sell her, we’ll have to eat her. We cannot afford to keep feeding her grass on our small amount of land if she can’t be useful.), Hattie is for sale for $100. We separated her from Jeepers, and as a result, she is becoming sweeter. With one-on-one attention, she could be loveable. She’s about 1 1/2 and is a very sweet-natured, pretty goat. If nothing else, she would make a great lawn mower! E-mail or leave a comment if you’re interested in her. I’m also willing to do a trade/partial trade for a doe or doeling.

The goats keep me busy, but I’m enjoying them. I hope to increase our herd to three does by winter; we could definitely use more milk!


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