Mucking Out the Goat Pen

Muck: dirt, rubbish, or waste matter

A fitting word for the goat pen. The area where we pen up our goats for birth was getting really nasty. Layers upon layers of hay, dirt, and… other things had been rained on. It turned into a soppy, disgusting mess. Not fun to walk through when taking Bonney to the milkhouse.

This afternoon was a beautifully warm time to begin clean-up. I had meant to begin milking Bonney yesterday, but as Mondays are laundry day, I woke up too busy to think about anything other than the house. Bonney needs to be broken back into milking. She is a sweet girl, but needs some re-training, which will take more time than a regular milking did at the end of our last milking season. (As an aside: we don’t have more goat babies yet. Jeepers has all the signs of labor any time now, but appears to be holding off. I think she’s just going to be the goat who keeps us guessing for weeks!) So, with hopes high, I set out with the best of intentions: clean out the area by myself.

I began with a rake; spiking and pulling the nastiness was hard work. Eventually I found a rhythm, and accomplished quite a bit. Hattie and Princess found me to be great entertainment. Thankfully most people were at work today, so I had only animal viewers.






After a while, Danny came to see how it was going. He took pity on me and began to help. Between the two of us, we finished off that section of the pen. We had a mountain of muck to get rid of…

…and three buckets with which to do it. Danny filled two buckets to my one, and often had to help me fill mine. The project was done faster than I could have done it, and I had someone other than a goat or cat to talk to. The compost pile is now full, and out garden will have some great soil!

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