Baby Doll Makeover (Befores and After!)

Bella’s baby started out a little wild-haired, but normal considering she belonged to a 1 year-old Bella.











And then tragedy struck. When we were cutting up and bagging chicken this past fall, Bella placed her favorite doll on the table… right in the raw chicken mess. Needless to say, Baby took a “bath” in the washing machine. Mindless Mommy proceeded to place baby in the dryer. Oops. Baby came out looking like this:


If you ask me, it wasn’t too much worse than it used to be. If you ask Bella, it was heartbreaking: Baby had no hair to play with. Bella received a new doll for Christmas, but Bella undressed that doll so that this baby could have her clothes. (Mommy had told her that the naked baby couldn’t leave the house. I, of course, didn’t want it to leave the house even with clothes- did you look at that hair?! ) During Declan’s birthday party, my Aunt, Mom, and I were discussing what to do about it.  We formed a plan: add a wig. We figured that we could probably find one at a doll-making shop or on Ebay. Later that same day, we went to thrift store and I found the solution.It’s a hair clip with hair on it! I bought it for $.99. I dismantled it and ended up with hair for her baby AND a new claw clip.








I tied the strings under Baby’s chin for now. Eventually I’ll shave the remaining hair from Baby’s head and glue the wig on. Baby looks just as crazy now as she did before, but Bella is happier. Baby now has a lot of hair to play with.


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3 Responses to Baby Doll Makeover (Befores and After!)

  1. DEANN says:

    Love that idea

  2. Robin says:

    cool-extreme makeover baby doll edition
    Tell Bella that I think her baby looks beautiful!

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