Yucky, Yucky Dish Soap

When I posted about my kitchen sink, I was in love with my Method Clementine dish soap. Now, I’m so far removed from that love that I believe I could say I hate it.

About a month ago, I began itching while washing dishes. Thinking I was having a sensitive-skin day for whatever reason, I ignored it. As most things do, it escalated. To a rash. The rash would appear a few moments into washing dishes, then disappear thirty minutes later. If you’re thinking it’s a heat rash, you’re missing a key part: I take showers in water as hot as the dish water, so heat rash is a no-go. Very confused, I decided to see what the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) website, SkinDeep.com, rated my beloved Method Clementine dish soap . I tentatively typed “Method Clementine” in the search bar and forced myself to click “go.” The results loaded, and I saw the dreaded rating: 4 for fair.

I was hoping for a 2… 3 at the highest. You see, the lower the rating, the better the product is for you. I decided to delve into the ingredients list to find exactly why it was given a 4.  And I found my problem.Irritation of the skin, eyes, or lungs? Check. Since I am not using a product with a rating above 3, I am going to stop buying Method and begin the search for a “homemade” dish soap. (Yes, I will not use a 4, but may use a 3. “What’s one number?” you may ask. To which I respond: what’s one cigarette? Standards are fences that protect our convictions.) When I find a good soap, I’ll definitely let you know. Right now, I’m a little upset. I love Method, but I will not use a product that claims to be good for the environment but it isn’t good for me.

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2 Responses to Yucky, Yucky Dish Soap

  1. joy says:

    Bethany, is there a reason you don’t just wear gloves while washing dishes? It seems like a simple solution unless you’re allergic to rubber. BTW, congratulations on the new kids, we had one born today; however, it was stillborn. I enjoy reading your stories-Joy

    • Bethany says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your stillborn. That would be very hard. 🙁

      To me, the fact that my skin is allergic to the soap is a sign that the rest of my body may be adversely affected also. Upon further research into the ingredients of the soap, I found many things that they didn’t list on their label. I don’t want sodium lauryl sulfates, an unknown preservative (Method doesn’t list exactly WHAT they use as the preservative), an unnatural color (how CAN they claim to be natural and yet state that their color is “made from synthetic materials”???), and benzonone-4 in my soap… or on my body… or on my dishes. Method claims to be natural, and I took that claim at face value. You’d think with all of the lessons I’ve learned along the way, that I would do better research. Yet, time and time again, I read the “natural” claim on the label then have problems arise later. The Method dish soap may be “natural” in that it started with natural ingredients, but the scientists that the company employs took those ingredients and broke them down, twisted them around, added other things to them, and ended up with a heavily genetically modified product that would do what they wanted it to. I don’t want that kind of product to be around me or my family.

      Boy, I’m long-winded. 🙂 Thanks for the question; I hope my reasoning is understandable!

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