New Year’s Resolutions

I hate them. But I need them. My resolutions tend to be made with such zeal, then collapse on a crazy day. And after one day is missed, it’s so tempting to take a week off. And a month. Shame tackles me, but I just keep putting off the dreaded day of starting again. Laziness maybe? Danny tells me that I am not lazy, I just have other priorities. I think that’s a nice way of saying I’m lazy.

This year, I have a new perspective: tell you what my resolutions are. The thought of failing in public will keep my going. I think. Here are two of my resolutions. Hold me to them, please!

1- Post on the blog at least once a week. I’m sorry that I have once, again, ignored updating you. I have plenty that I could post, I just haven’t… for one reason or another. But it will be put on my daily to-do list so that I (hopefully) won’t forget again.

2- Cut out 99.9999…% of our sugar consumption. We honestly don’t eat much sugar; we stick to honey and maple syrup. Sugar is sneaky. It tiptoes into our ketchup, salad dressings, cakes, and even taco seasonings! There’s absolutely no reason why I cannot stop buying or making foods that contain sugar. I began our year with whole wheat spice cake (made with 3/4 whole wheat flour and maple syrup) and topped with cream cheese frosting (also made with syrup). And- can you guess?!- it was delicious. I have never had a better spice cake.

Those are just two of my resolutions. What are yours?

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