More Goat Kids Soon?!

Jeepers is twice as big as Bonney ever was. It makes me kinda hope that triplets are on the way… 🙂We expect Jeepers to kid any day now. Bonney has rejoined the “herd,” which consists of only Hattie now. Mr. No-Name is with the chickens and Jeepers is secluded in the area where Bonney had her kids. How do we know Jeepers is going to go into labor? It’s simple: we checked her ligaments. According to Fiasco Farm, one of the signs of an approaching kidding is to feel for the ligaments on either side of the spine just above the tail. If you can feel them, relax: it’ll be a while. If they’re softening, the goat is getting ready. If it feels as though you can touch your thumb and pointer finger together below the spine, babies are on the way in the next 12 hours. After checking Bonney, we learned that ligaments will somewhat come and go the last few days. Bonney had ligaments, then had soft ligaments, then “none”, then had soft ligaments, then “none”, then babies. (Three days of checking her produced those results.) Jeepers currently has none. There are other signs, but I’ll leave those out to protect the weak-stomached.

The baby monitor is back up and I’m listening carefully! The fact that Jeepers is very vocal is the one problem with using the monitor for her. She’s had me running out there twice in the past hour, hoping that her bleats were “I’m having these babies now!” bleats. Jeepers, hurry up! If you have those babies tonight while I’m at church, I’ll… I’ll… love them anyway. But could you possibly have them before or after that two-hour span of time? Please? 

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