H is for Heart; You need to draw a raindrop to make one.

Last week was “H” week. Among the many activities we did was learning to draw and cut out hearts. I taught her the “raindrop” method (so named by Bella): fold a piece of paper in half, draw a “raindrop” on the fold, and cut it out. She cut out three hearts total: a white, pink, and red. I drew the heart on the pink paper; she drew the others.

I attribute her growing cutting skills to having a “cutting drawer” in our kitchen. It’s simply a plastic drawer that holds anything she’s allowed to cut. I give her scrap papers, junk mail, wrapping paper, ribbons, yarn… anything that can be cut. She’s allowed to cut whenever she wants to with two main rules: cut only at the cutting drawer or table and everything you cut needs to be put back into the cutting drawer. There is one exception to the second cutting commandment: artwork does not have to return to the drawer. Artwork like the orange grass and brown-colored orange land she glued to paper as a base for a house. 🙂

Practice makes perfect, and Bella wants perfect. So she practices at her drawer every day, several times a day.


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