Bonney’s New Babies

When we did our daily Bonney check-up on Friday, we knew babies would be appearing soon. Poor Bonney looked like she swallowed a barrel. Bonney was checked almost hourly throughout Saturday. We even went so far as to put a baby monitor up last night- just in case.

The monitor is hanging on the door jamb near the top of the picture.

This afternoon, on an after-lunch check, we arrived just in time to see little hooves emerging. Bonney gave birth to a beautiful Nigerian dwarf-eared brown and white baby with brown spots. Shortly after, she delivered a dark brown  gopher-eared baby.
The other goats wanted to know what was going on. Since we were afraid of some jealousy issues between our buck and the babies, Danny made a temporary divider in the winter pen. Notice how large Jeepers (the reddish brown and white goat) is? She’s due next month. Yep, even more goat babies!

D’oh’jers (our dog) visited a baby; Princess(our cat) spied from behind the door. She’s a little scared of Bonney since Bonney bit her the other day. (Bonney was jealous of my giving Princess attention that rightfully belong to her!)

Momma and babies are doing great! You will, no doubt, be seeing a lot of Bonney and her kids in the weeks to come!

(Click on a picture to see it larger!)

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