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Bella-isms: Spit Up and Green Beans

Bella has been even more entertaining that usual. A few days ago, she came from her room looking like this: At least she was wearing the hat that fit (for once!). As I was cleaning the kitchen yesterday, I heard, … Continue reading

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Less Wasteful: Celery

I used to cringe when I cut celery. I hated seeing the leaves and bottom of the stalk go to the compost. It seemed so wasteful. A quick solution? I put all unwanted celery pieces in a bag or jar … Continue reading

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More Goat Kids Soon?!

Jeepers is twice as big as Bonney ever was. It makes me kinda hope that triplets are on the way… 🙂We expect Jeepers to kid any day now. Bonney has rejoined the “herd,” which consists of only Hattie now. Mr. … Continue reading

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Yucky, Yucky Dish Soap

When I posted about my kitchen sink, I was in love with my Method Clementine dish soap. Now, I’m so far removed from that love that I believe I could say I hate it. About a month ago, I began … Continue reading

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DIY Laundry Wringer Fail

We all know that clothes dry faster if you wring out the extra water first.  That’s the point of the spin cycle on your washing machine.  Well, that, and making cats really, really dizzy.  We can’t do a spin cycle … Continue reading

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Wall Mounted Laundry Drying Rack

Of course Bethany washing clothes with her homemade laundry plunger doesn’t make much sense if she doesn’t have a way to dry the clothes.  In the summer the clothes line works great.  The clothes are dry in a matter of minutes. … Continue reading

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DIY Laundry Plunger

Bethany has talked for a while about doing laundry by hand.  I think she might be crazy, but I’m happy to let her try it.  She found a plunger that she liked, but $30 seemed a little steep for a … Continue reading

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Little Man calming the baby doll

“SHHHHH!” Bella said. “My baby is fussing, and I want her to sleep!” So Declan stepped in. He took the baby on a sideways walk. And then a backwards walk. “Mommy! Declan did it! He made my baby go to … Continue reading

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Angel Food Cake: Sugarless!

Angel food cake is one of the best ways to use up extra eggs. Of course, if you make one, you have to use up all of the egg yolks, too. That’s why there are yellow sponge cake recipes. 🙂 … Continue reading

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H is for Heart; You need to draw a raindrop to make one.

Last week was “H” week. Among the many activities we did was learning to draw and cut out hearts. I taught her the “raindrop” method (so named by Bella): fold a piece of paper in half, draw a “raindrop” on … Continue reading

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