Unexpected and Undeserved

Danny was home from work on Tuesday because of rain. I had planned on going to the library for the storytime hour, but plans changed. We decided instead to go the opposite direction and do an afternoon of thrift store shopping.

What a day! We left the house shortly after lunch and didn’t arrive home until about six. At the third or fourth (can’t remember which) store, we found a bike for Bella. It seemed like a great gift for her… and we figured we might have some peace about her “someday I will ride a pink bike” scenario. At $8, the bike was a decent deal. While Danny was waiting in the line to pay, a lady came up to him and handed him a $10 bill. She told him it was to help with the bike or whatever else we wanted to buy. I missed the exchange; Bella needed a bathroom break.

Isn’t it amazing how God gives gifts to us? They may seem small, but He sends exactly what we need, right when we need it.

Recently, Danny and I were talking about how we take so much for granted. We owe everything to God. The air we breathe, food, clothes, shelter, our family… the list is infinite! We have been so blessed.  The past few weeks, God has really been helping me see just how ungrateful I can be. (Ouch. That hurts!) I forget so often to thank Him for all He has done.

To the stranger who so willingly gave their money, thank you.

To God, thank you for all the things I’ve never thanked you for.

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