The Vacay is Over

Okay, so I didn’t REALLY take a vacation. But it sounds better than saying that most days, I just forgot we had a blog. Oops.

Bella and I have been doing “school” still- though in much more of a relaxed form than I ever thought I would use. We play games, color, paint, draw, cut, glue… and yet she still manages to learn something?! This week is our review week. As much as I love the ABCJLM curriculum, I find more and more that it really doesn’t follow what I need for my family. So. We do one Bible lesson, one Bible verse, one letter, one number, and one color/shape each week. Declan is included in most of it; he enjoys the story as much as Bella does. If we don’t get to something one day, then we just don’t do it that day. Why does it matter? She’s having fun. I’m not going to push her to learn when she may be having an off day. Also, I have all of our school things OUT of my craft area and into its own space in the kitchen. I feel so organized… there, at least.

Idea from Bible Kids Fun Zone. I "drew" the ark using a scrapbooking CDROM. The animals I drew with a pen.

Ark and animals are from Morman Chic. LOVE this matching game!

One of my main goals throughout the entire process has been less paper waste. I see no reason why Bella needs to have one piece of paper per study each day. That would be four pieces each day for a total of twenty a week. Yikes! Instead, we focus on our “games.” She gets to form a playdough letter, a button number, and match colors using our nifty laminated color game. We do only  two to three coloring pages each week. One  that we always do is our number tree. She colors the tree and the fruit, then glues the fruit to the tree. Another coloring page is for our Bible lesson. Last week’s was Noah’s ark. She colored the ark and the animals for that lesson. This week she is cutting paper pieces and gluing them to Joseph’s Coat to make a coat of many colors. After cutting back on our “we’re-just-going-to-throw-it-away-next-week” paper usage, I’ve noticed something remarkable: she creates more. She uses her imagination. And her fine motor skills are drastically improving!

The rest of the household has gone on as normal. Declan is thinking about crawling still, although he does manage to move around a room just by rocking on his knees and sitting. He loves a super clean floor, as it enables him to just sit and push himself backwards with his hands. He’s now saying “dadada” and “bubububuwa!” for “Bella.” At first, we thought he was just jabbering, but he consistently uses that sound when he wants his sister. I love seeing their enthusiasm for each other!

Bonney, Jeepers, and Hattie are all pregnant! Bonney is due in January, February for Jeepers, and March for Hattie. While it was very disappointing that Hattie and Jeepers weren’t already bred, I am excited. It will be a busy end to the winter!

The snake has been let loose outside. (YAY!) so my house is slightly more peaceful. No more dreams about an escaped snake in my bed now.

I think that just about catches us up to today. And I promise to do better about writing. It’s not like I don’t have anything to write about; Bella gives me enough information in a day that I could a write 356 books each year.

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  1. Robin says:

    Love the Noah’s ark. Is it an online printable?

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