I have an addiction: Pinterest. I love to browse the education board. I find so many cool ideas! For example, I found these DIY pipe cleaner flags on Pinterest. They involve number recognition, counting, and fine motor skills; I love projects that do more than one thing!

From Kids Matter

This is one of Bella’s favorite “games” right now. And it was so SIMPLE to make! To begin with, I cut each pipe cleaner in half. I sliced a pretty piece of blue paper into 3/4″ x 2 1/2″ strips. I folded each strip in half, then numbered them on each side of the fold. A little glue from a glue stick, scotch tape to “laminate” the flags, and I was done!

Bella was hooked right away. I adore seeing her excited little face when I introduce a new learning toy!

She understood right away what she was to do. And, um… notice her OCD showing up in this picture? Colors must stay with colors…. no mixing pink and orange beads on the same pipe cleaner for her!


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