“Look At What I’m Learning!” Board

I made a simple board to display what Bella is learning each week. It is currently hanging on my kitchen wall, thanks to Danny. 🙂 The ABC Jesus Loves Me website has a printable page that can be used for the same purpose, but we don’t need more papers around, and I wanted way to display her work. I found the idea of using poster board on Baby Gator University and loved it!

When I was shopping for my poster board, I saw the foam board and decided that it would hold up better.

Once home, I started by doing a basic layout of my board. I knew I wanted places for  Math, Number, Letter, Bible Story, Bible Verse, and Song. I also knew I wanted a title- “Look At What I’m Learning!” and her name. So I took what I had and arranged it until it all fit. I then glued clothespins onto the board using a hot glue gun. I used scrap booking tape “tabs” for the headings. The picture above is the board BEFORE we did anything; notice how all of the coloring pages are blank?

As Bella does paintings, drawing, coloring, etc… I will hang them up. I also added one more clothes pin to the left of the pipe cleaner letters- I’ll use it for anything that doesn’t fit under a heading. After having completed this board, I will say that I think it would be better to buy TWO foam boards instead of one and stack them one on top of the other for more space. With the way mine is, I have enough room for about 1/2 sheet of paper under each clothespin.

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