Homeschool Preschool, Day 1

Bella and I both really enjoyed school today! We started with singing our Bible verse – Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth” – to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?” We then read parts of the creation story, days 1-3 using numbers with creation pictures in them. Every time “God saw that it was good,” we did a thumbs-up.

While I washed dishes, she colored her creation picture then sat on the floor and played a color matching game using crayons and her color cards (Wal-Mart, $1 for a pack of 55 color, number, and shape cards!). Our colors for the week are blue, black, and white. (Which she, of course, already knows.) She then found things in the house that matched her color cards.

We moved on to our letter of the week (day? She already knows the letter Aa, this was just fun for her. Today really wasn’t very challenging for Bella.). I placed a print out of the letter Aa inside of a page protector and gave her blue play dough to put on it.

I brought out blue play dough toys – cookie cutters, a small strawberry mold, a blue tea cup, and blue measuring spoon – for her to play with.

We painted for a loooooong time today. She loves to paint. Before she could paint a picture, I had her outline parts of her picture with crayon in the color she wanted to paint it. For example, she outline the tree trunk in brown and tree top in green. I had her color the inside of her letters and numbers that she wasn’t supposed to paint as a reminder to stay in the lines. She shocked me by writing a letter “A” inside of the letter A on her paper. Go, Bella! I was also surprised at just how well she could trace pictures when she wanted to. She was able to follow her tree-trunk extremely well, and even followed the tree top well until she tired of it. Which only took one curve, by the way.

She dot-painted the number zero with paint and a round foam brush. She used star-shaped beads to trace the letter Aa.


By the end of the day, her learning board looked like this:

Declan joined us in reading a book on creation- “God’s Gift.”

It was a great first day! Wednesday is our next school day; it’s a three-day-a-week curriculum. I’m looking forward to seeing how she enjoys each time!

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  1. DEANN says:

    I think this is really good
    Bella is smart and has a really smart Mom

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