Declan’s New Blanket

Danny’s mother sent a beautiful quilt for Declan. Bella received one when she little also; it’s her tradition to give the grand kids a homemade quilt.  The quilts are the perfect size: just large enough to play on, small enough to carry around, but not too small or too large for a baby/toddler.

Bella’s quilt is purple and green. It’s name is Purple and Green Turtle and Frog Blankie. (Quite the mouthful, right?) She named it, not me.

Can you see why it’s called “Purple and Green Turtle and Frog Blankie”?

Declan’s blankie has been given a much simpler name: Rainbow Blankie. I decided to step up and name it before he could. Otherwise we might end up with “Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Purple Stripe Blankie.”

I love the quilt tradition and am very thankful for a wonderful mother-in-law who gives GREAT gifts!

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