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Apple Butter

Once upon a time, I discovered that Danny had never had apple butter. In fact, he didn’t even know what it was. He had missed out on this delicious addition to homemade bread. Maybe apple butter is a Southern thing? … Continue reading

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Homemade Applesauce

So, I still haven’t finished all of the applesauce. Do you know how long it takes to cut 2 bushels of apples into quarters, cook them, and run them through a sieve? A long time, when you figure in at … Continue reading

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Finally, a Storage Solution

I don’t remember if we posted pictures before of our mud room closet/pantry/feed room.  When we still had the Freedom Rangers we usually had several hundred pounds of feed on hand, with the Rangers eating about 25 pounds a day. … Continue reading

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Bella and the Electric Fence

As I was moving chickens, Bella exclaimed, “I touched the fence, Mommy!” The fence is electric. And she knows not to touch it. In fact, she’s been shocked by it before, so she does realize that touching the fence hurts. … Continue reading

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Veggie Burgers, Trial One

I posted yesterday that I was going to make a veggie burger from scratch. My first try with veggie burgers actually went well. In fact, I think I’ll keep the basic recipe and tweak bits of it. I began with … Continue reading

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Veggie Burgers, Anyone?

On one of our visits to Michigan, Danny’s parents served us veggie burgers. I seriously always thought of veggie burgers as… well, nasty food. This was based on what I’d read and heard, not on experience. These burgers were oh-so-good … Continue reading

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Breaded Chicken Breasts/Chicken Parmigiana

With all of this delicious chicken we now have, I HAD to make Chicken Parmigiana. I love, love, love, love, love Chicken Parmigiana. Almost as much as I love Fettuccine Alfredo with Cajun Chicken. And that’s a lot.  Breading chicken at home is simple. … Continue reading

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Laundry day…

…is more fun for Bella than it is for me. I have a great little helper! (As long as I don’t care about how things are folded.)                      

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No, it’s not Talk Like a Pirate Day. That was last week. It’s an Arghhh of frustration. Last night I replaced the gearbox on the chicken plucker. I put casters under the feather plate to keep it from rocking under … Continue reading

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What do tigers eat? And do you own a pair of “radio ear covers”?

During a discussion on tigers, Danny asked Bella if they ate antelopes. Bella answered “Yes.” When he asked her if she knew what an antelope was, she replied, “It’s like a watermelon.”

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