Preparing for Goat Babies

Since I am now 99.999999999% sure that Jeepers IS pregnant, I have to get her trained to the milk stand. After paying $100 for her, I absolutely refuse to let her eat my grass and not give me her milk. With babies in the sometime-this-month near future (we’re estimating, since she’s now noticeably preggers), I moved my goats all around this morning. Hattie and Jeepers are now in pasture #1; they were in #2. Bonney is back from #1 into pasture #3 with Curly Bill. The still-yet-to-be-named buck went from pasture #1 to #2. It was quite the experience, this moving of the half-wild goats.

With Jeepers and Hattie secured in the pen where the milk house is, I set to work training her. This afternoon, I armed myself with my yellow “milking bucket” and went for a visit.Those stubborn half-wild goats did the unthinkable. They followed me into the milk house and jumped right up onto the stand. What?! And here I thought it would be a battle. Jeepers even stuck her head through the stanchion.Hattie hung back for a while……then eventually joined her mom.I was able to rub them quite a bit. Apparently giving them grain gives me permission to do whatever I want! Jeepers is getting larger, and we can sometimes see strong movements in her stomach. Yay! Goat babies! (And more milk!)



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