Grinding Grain with a Vita Mix

My mother bought a new Vita Mix a little over two years ago. I was in love. It’s like a blender on steroids! When I started grinding my own grain, I would go to her house and use her Vita Mix. I couldn’t afford one myself, nor could I afford a grain mill. But I was happy just having freshly ground flour.

On the way to the chiropractor one day, I stopped at a local thrift store. In the kitchen section was (gasp!) a Vita Mix! Not as new or as beautiful as my mothers, but  a Vita Mix nonetheless. It was priced at $18.

I didn’t have $18 with me. I knew it was worth that, so I asked the lady if she would hold it for me so I could run to the bank. There was an ATM about five minutes from the thrift store, so it wouldn’t have been a huge trip. She said no. She explained that they “didn’t hold things for customers anymore.” I drove to the ATM, praying the whole way that the Vita Mix would still be at the store when I returned. Ten minutes later, armed with cash, I walked back to the kitchen area of the thrift store. I’m sure I sighed audibly. The Vita Mix was right where I left it. Let’s just say I had quite the praise be to God session after leaving the store!

For two years, I’ve used my $18 Vita Mix. It gets used at least twice a month to grind grain. Before I bought my Magic Bullet knockoff, it was used almost every day for various things. I’d say I’ve gotten my money out of it!

I buy wheat in 50 pound bags at a local store. Grain can be bought through co-ops or online. The BreadBeckers sell wheat in their online store. I store my wheat in a Rubbermaid container.

Now that I’ve worked with 50 pounds of wheat for a while, I think I would invest in buckets and lids like Danny uses for his chickens. The Rubbermaid is very hard to handle when full. The buckets that Danny buys (for his chicken feeders & waterers) are available at Tractor Supply Company for $3; the lids are about $2 and are VERY easy for me to snap on and off.

How to grind grain with a Vita Mix

I freeze my wheat before grinding it. It keeps my slightly old Vita Mix from overheating. I actually haven’t had the machine overheat before, even when not freezing my wheat. But I don’t want to chance it!

To grind grain, pour two cups of grain into the Vita Mix.

Start the Vita Mix on Variable, Speed #1. You will see the grain starting to turn to flour very soon after starting the machine.

Slowly increase the speed to #10, then switch to High. You will see more flour and less grain as the Vita Mix runs.Using a tamper, push the flour in the corners down when they start to build up.

 Grind until the flour is as fine as you want it, pushing down the corners with the tamper the whole time.

Voilà! Whole wheat flour.

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