Enter Bella, Screaming and Crying

I was just about to delve into cleaning. I had my plan mapped out in my mind. Declan was asleep. Bella was playing outside; the dogs were with her. I knew I had about 30 uninterrupted minutes with which to work.

Enter Bella, screaming and crying. With that kind of fuss, I ran to the door to see what the problem was. My first reaction: no blood, no real tears.

“Bella!? What’s wrong?”

“Mommy… Mommy, Tank took MY STICK!” The stick to which she was referring is any stick that can be used to dig with. Literally any. Two inches long, two feet long, y-shaped- any stick will do. I told her to find another stick and promptly came back in to start on the cleaning write this post.

Was Tank guilty? I dunno. He looked pretty innocent to me.

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