Through the Eyes of a Two Year Old

I procrastinated as long as I could, then a few days longer.  But even I could only put it off so long.  Rabbits are…  let’s just say prolific, so there’s no point in having three bucks for just four does.  Two of the bucks had to be butchered.  Uhh…  Sorry.  Harvested.

Bella decided to watch, not really understanding what was going on with “her” rabbits.  I’ll skip the gory details, but suffice it to say, she was not happy when she realized what was happening.  She kept demanding, “Why are you killing the rabbits?  Don’t kill the rabbits!”  This went on for a few minutes, Bella pacing back and forth behind me in her filthy pink Dora Crocs, insisting that I “must not kill the rabbits!”

Then came the epiphany.  As I peeled back the skin, revealing the white meat beneath, I heard from right beside me, “Ooooh, cool!  Rabbits have chicken inside!”

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  1. eyedrawit says:

    Lest you think we are real “city slickers”, let me remind you that we too had a farm. Well…. at least we had a farmhouse, a dog, a cat, and…. not to be outdone by you…. 2, and then 3 rabbits. Although I will admit that I would never have had the courage to show my children the “chicken inside”, they did learn a bit from the rabbits. As one of my children exclaimed one fine spring day, “God sure did choose a gross way for rabbits to make babies!”

    • Danny says:

      We’re hoping that by teaching Bella at a young age where her food comes from, she won’t grow up to be one of those nuts that thinks beef and chicken is made in the back of Wal-Mart. Hopefully along the way she’ll also learn it doesn’t come from rabbits.

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