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Lazy Saturdays

It’s been one of those lazy Saturdays when I never feel like I’m doing much but somehow seem to get things done.  We started out with the usual chores: feeding, watering, milking, rotating.  After Declan’s morning nap we loaded up … Continue reading

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Wind Turbine and Garden Cart? or Toy?

The real reason Danny has the old wheelchair:                 Looks like fun, doesn’t it?

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Raising Meat Rabbits

I started thinking quite some time before I first bought rabbits about raising them for food for both us and the dogs.  Since that time we’ve come to realize that we should be keeping the Old Testament dietary laws which forbid eating … Continue reading

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Where’s the Adventure?

Princess (our cat) was an inside cat, but after an incident involving my fabric and her nasty bodily functions, she became an outside kitty. She’s been in the great outdoors for under a week, and generally stays close to the … Continue reading

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I Took Poison!

Our Yankee readers are probably as confused by the title as I was when I first heard it phrased as a question.  My boss asked me if I took poison a couple of years ago before sending me out to … Continue reading

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Escape Artists

I understand free-ranging. I do. You set the animals free, they eat, they get fat. You don’t have to feed them grain or hay. And, best of all, it doesn’t matter if they escape because they are already free.

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Mozzarella Sticks from Scratch

I love baked mozzarella sticks. I could eat them every day. I like them dipped in marinara, pizza sauce, or ranch. They are even good dipped in barbecue sauce. But I absolutely can not bring myself to compromise my firm no-hydrogenated-oils belief … Continue reading

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Wind Power

I was given an old, broken motorized wheelchair today.  If you don’t know me, you may be wondering why I would want something like that, and why I’m excited enough to blog about it.  If you do know me, you’re … Continue reading

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Butchering Rabbits

I didn’t take pictures when I butchered rabbits the other day, so instead of explaining how I did it, I’ll give a link to someone else’s description of how they butcher theirs.  This is on a blog written by an … Continue reading

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Wanted: Pine boughs and spiders

I hate flies. I detest flies.  I abhor flies. I loathe flies. I… I think you get the picture. Why do I dislike them so much? The answer is simple: their offspring. Maggots. I shudder every time I think about … Continue reading

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